Industry Winner

-  Copywriting

-  Best Idea Not Yet Produced

-  Industry Specific

-  Book Cover Design

-  Other Online

-  Landing Page

-  Direction of a PR Video

-  Product/Service Promotional

-  Promotional Video

-  Rebrand/Redesign Website

-  Wedding/Corporate Website

-  Academic Institution Website

-  Best Web Rebrand/Redesign

-  Industry Specialty
   in Self-Promotion

-  B2B Service Logo/Trademark

-  Health/Medicine Website

-  Industry Self-Promotion/

The Burbank Group
Wins 2019 SCA Gold!


International Award-Winning Brand Services

Today's global landscape is continuously redefined by new technology and the avenues invention provides. Brand strategies, creative ideas, and unique positioning reign supreme when vying for attention. Superior products or service offerings are a good start -- generating a buzz is the ultimate beginning. From the entertainment and hospitality industries, to health care organizations, academia, the tech sector, law firms, and everything in between...

The Burbank Group helps clients get the attention they deserve.

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